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Journey to Larue

In the 1960s, James F. McCaul III and his wife, Avelene LaRue McCaul, fell in love with a quaint property in rural Missouri that boasted original log cabins and a beautiful spring. Within days of their visit, they purchased the property and began the move from Chicago with their three young sons.

In early 2014, over coffee and donuts the dream of bottling water from the spring on the McCaul property began to officially take shape. No longer just a dream, but a plan with a purpose began taking its first steps.

The Summer of 2018, we had plans for how to bottle, where we would go, how we would get it there, but we still lacked a name for the brand.

The name LaRue had floated around for a while and when our founders learned its meaning was “the path” they said that’s it!

Spring of 2020 saw the first bottles of LaRue roll down the bottling line and out to customers.
Our first offerings we 3 gal and 5 gal bottles for home and business delivery.

In March of 2021, LaRue began being bottled in 500mL bottles and started being sold in stores!

In January 2022, LaRue launched its 1L bottles and began expanding into other states!

As 2023 begins, we are excited about the growth of LaRue. We are well on our way down our path of seeing LaRue being sold nationally and beyond!

Meet The Crew

A Company of People FOR People


Co-Founder & President


The dream of bottling and selling spring water from the family spring began decades ago with
Chris. The goal for the water was deeply rooted in faith and the desire to help people. Chris’
goal is that through LaRue people not only received a premium product but their purchase helps
give back to people in need. LaRue is truly our path to fulfilling our purpose as a company.


Co-Founder & Vice President


Dreamers often find more critics than supporters. When Chris shared his dream with Amy
about the spring water, her first question was not “are you crazy?” but “how can I help?!” With
a shared dream as well as goal of helping people, Amy joined Chris on the path to make LaRue a
name synonymous with quality as both a spring water, but a great company that gives back!

Mike Trimble

National VP of Sales


What makes a venture successful is having team members that each bring their unique skill set
to the team! Mike brings not only his years of experience in the beverage industry and his
enthusiasm to LaRue. Excitement about the product as well as the team that makes it happen
is what you’ll hear from Mike when you see him out sharing about LaRue!


Office & Accounts Manager


Every team has a member that is a natural of keeping things on track and if needed, is ready
with another spreadsheet. That’s our Lisa! She works tirelessly to make sure that our teams
each have what they need to be successful and helps keep our growing customer accounts in

Becky Petty

Creative Director &
Sr Account Manager


A love for people brought Becky to the team, and a passion for sharing our products drives her.
She rarely meets a stranger, and if she does, they won’t be a stranger for long. They also won’t
go long without a sample of LaRue. Becky brings her joy for meeting people to the team and
enjoys introducing new customers to our products and our company!

Nicki Stenic

Customer Service 


Nicki is the voice on the phone that greats and checks in with LaRue customers each day. She’s
the one that makes sure to check in before deliveries so our customers are never missing the
LaRue fix! One of our first team members, Nicki brings her years of experience in both customer
service and logistics to make sure the LaRue gets to our customers!

Tim Cantrell

Delivery Team Manager


There can only be one original and at LaRue, that is Tim! He is the friendly face you see
delivering LaRue to our customers daily! His goal is always to provide our customers with the
highest level of customer service. He not only knows the routes but he knows the people and
takes extra care of each and every one!

Matt Rifenburg

Delivery Tech


As we add customers, we needed to add drivers and Matt was just the man for the job! As we
grow our service area, Matt is leading the charge in getting LaRue to these new customers.
Sometimes you’ll still catch him riding shotgun with Tim on delivery days. He greets everyone
with a smile and loves making sure LaRue gets to our customers.

Mary Wadlow



If you’ve ever called LaRue to make a payment or to change your payment information, you’ve
probably had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Mary. You’ll find her working quietly at her desk
surrounded by spreadsheets, billings and account information as she works her way thru. She’s
our numbers person and we’re so glad she’s part of our team.

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